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Blackhearts, Stone Tribe, The Dominion and Windlclan all won their challenges. The Living Legend is on a temporary break and will resume at the start of the next gathering!

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3,431 Replies March 29, 2015, 11:25:42 AM
by cherryshade
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by 20woodbbry
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by --wYnNiNaT0R--
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by ☆ℰbony ℋybrid☆
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by AJ Fate
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by s e p i a
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by ShadowBlazeFlame
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by SerenityClover
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by thepurplecat
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by xXrouguetheifXx
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by Swaggerwolf57646
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by •Daughter of Hades•(School)
11 Replies Today at 09:57:12 AM
by Silvermoon11
51 Replies Today at 09:24:10 AM
by .:British Pride:.
1,530 Replies Today at 09:08:14 AM
by syreeta123
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by Katey76762
20 Replies Today at 08:43:56 AM
by ~Dr.Who_Lover~
122 Replies Today at 08:21:57 AM
by Promise.
374 Replies Today at 08:11:12 AM
by xXrouguetheifXx
21 Replies Today at 07:47:24 AM
by XxHipsterGroudonxX
253 Replies Today at 07:32:30 AM
by вlυe
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by $h3zkaD33r
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by ShadowLuna
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by ShyWolf
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by ShyWolf
1,088 Replies Today at 02:43:49 AM
by LakeFur1#
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by s e p i a
2 Replies Yesterday at 11:50:07 PM
by Willowear- South Park Rules
2,505 Replies Yesterday at 11:47:28 PM
by MoonPool
422 Replies Yesterday at 11:00:32 PM
by AJ Fate
78 Replies Yesterday at 10:39:17 PM
by 光 ˣ
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by Ice fang(inactive partly)
4 Replies Yesterday at 10:06:31 PM
by ~Dr.Who_Lover~
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by AJ Fate
24 Replies Yesterday at 09:54:39 PM
by Fern_the_wolf
1,199 Replies Yesterday at 09:29:16 PM
by s e p i a
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by ~Dr.Who_Lover~


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