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Team Wyvern and Team Siren have lost! Their territory is now ruined by humans and they must try to repair it.

Next up to bat is the Dominion, Windclan, the Tribe of Ancient Stones, and the Blackheart Rogues. The groups need to use the favor system to save their territories!

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Shadow, Loner.


  • Loner
Character Name: Shadow

Gender: Tom

Clan{if any}: None

Rank(CANNOT be leader, deputy or medicine cat/med apprentice unless you are making up their clan/tribe): Loner

Appearance(Must look realistic--NO RED EYES!): A pure black caracal, with very dark, deep fur. His pelt is long and soft, a bit fuzzy, even though he is 45 moons old. He has dark emerald green eyes that are flecked with blue around the iris.

Personality: Kind, loving, and caring, but he is aggressive toward animals that hurt the ones he loves.

History(Not needed):

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You need to purchase a caracal to play them in the main game.


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