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Shadow, Loner.


  • Loner
Character Name: Shadow

Gender: Tom

Clan{if any}: None

Rank(CANNOT be leader, deputy or medicine cat/med apprentice unless you are making up their clan/tribe): Loner

Appearance(Must look realistic--NO RED EYES!): A pure black caracal, with very dark, deep fur. His pelt is long and soft, a bit fuzzy, even though he is 45 moons old. He has dark emerald green eyes that are flecked with blue around the iris.

Personality: Kind, loving, and caring, but he is aggressive toward animals that hurt the ones he loves.

History(Not needed):

Personal Message (Offline) Frostsoul~

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  • Kree, a cute she-kit that is owned and loved by this player! Lupa, A Gem Kit - A she-kit with a shiny, rounded gem on her forehead. Some say the gem imbues the cat with powers. Nobody is sure where this kit came from, but it is said that in their homeland, gem cats are sometimes kicked out of their clans. Trissana, a she-kit with strange colours who was found in the forest. It is said that these cats are very energetic in springtime and summertime. They live in groups inside tree hollows and under bushes. Eddard,  A strange tomkit who may have come from a science lab. He spends almost all his time sleeping. Once in a while, he levitates in his sleep. Dixie, A she-kit of shadows and darkness. Her pelt reflects almost no light, except maybe a faint reddish glitter. According to legend, these cats reveal themselves during a catastrophe. Bran, A tom of the stars! His pelt glitters with a star-like pattern. Legend says these cats appear during an upheaval in the cosmos. This player has been trained in doing Feline Litters! You get this badge for beta testing for Pixelated! This staff member beats others to giving permission for powers! This staff member beats others to giving out badges! This member has been active on the site over 5 years! This member has won a contest in RCN's Newsletter!! This member roleplays with newer members and helps them out! This member won Most Helpful Staffer in the 2013 choice awards! A sixth-generation character in the game. That line goes way back! This member had their character added to the game's giant family tree! ~I was at the Creepy Carnival. This member makes advanced RP posts! ~This member participated in our Forest Fire Event of May 2011! This member has been active on the site over 6 months! 4 Million Posts - I caught it onscreen! This member has been active on the site for over a year! This member has roleplayed an apprentice all the way to a warrior! ~This member participated in our Fantastic Fall Frenzy Event of Fall 2011! ~EarthQuake fall 2011!! This member has trained an apprentice all the way to a warrior. This member has been active on the site over 2 years! ~This member has participated in the Crab Attack event of 2011! ~Dog Attack Nov 2011 ~Big Blizzard Nov 2011 ~Winter Wonderland 2011 ~2011 Sledding Party ~Crazy Christmas Tree Farm A third-generation character in the game. That's some pedigree! A fourth-generation character in the game. That's some pedigree! This member has joined 5 FanClans! This is awarded to three amazing admins. Sky thinks your a star! This member is both stalked AND loved by Viper! <3 You are ivyshadow3347's friend! This person is a buddy of Snowshine66! this member is part of mikka's family! This member is a bestie of Bruno! 8D This member is a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist! This member is a current or former LGBTQA staffer! I'm asexy and I know it! wow, you are meh buddy, you're epic This member has been active on the site over 3 years!
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